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General information

Transition to the new system

Business process changes


Proposal Development in KC Course FAQ's

Budget Development in KC Course FAQ's

General information

Q. What is Kuali Coeus (KC)?
Kuali Coeus (KC) is the name of the software application that will be implemented to campus with proposal development and conflict of interest functionality on 24 April 2017. It is a research administration software designed to administer research projects from proposal development to award close-out stages.

Q. When will I start using the new system?
A. In April 2017 the system's proposal development and conflict of interest disclosure functionality will go live on campus. In August 2016, the system became available to campus for view-only to award information (institutional proposal, negotiation, award, and subaward modules).

Q. Will I use the two-factor authentication to get into the system?
A. Yes

Q. Is KC accessible through different browsers?
A. Yes, KC will support the full range of commonly used browsers, including safari, firefox, chrome, and internet explorer.

Transition to the new system

Q. Once the system goes live, who should I contact for assistance in the system?
A. The help desk phone 355-2000 or email

Q. Do I have to use the new system once it is available?
Yes, on 24 April 2017 proposal development and conflict of interest will become. At this time, the eTransmittal will no longer be used to create new proposals.

Q. How will I access the Research Administration (RA) system?
A. Through the EBS Portal or the Sponsored Programs Administration website. There is also a link to the system on the sidebar of this website.

Q. What are the most significant changes for research administrators for the April 2017 deployment?
A. proposals will be created and submitted in the new system, rather than using the Adobe forms packages. Salary budget builder will no longer be available; instead, administrators will utilize the budget module within the system to develop project budgets. Research administration data will be available in the EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) allowing users to produce standardized reports using Cognos BI and ad-hoc reports using Query Studio. After go-live, users will gain access to the Research Administration System, EDW, and research data using Query Studio by submitting an eARM.

What are the most significant changes for faculty with the April 2017 deployment?
A. Proposal certifications and approvals will take place in the new system and conflict of interest disclosures will be created in the system.

Business process changes

Q. Will I be able to use the system to generate progress reports?
A. No, the application has an excellent report tracking feature, but actual report preparation will not change. Financial reports will be prepared by CGA, and the technical and progress reports will be prepared by the principal investigator (PI). The report tracking feature will allow PIs, department administrators, and CGA staff to quickly view the submitted reports and those coming due.

Q. What will happen to eTransmittal and Salary Budget Builder once the RA system goes live?
A. Once the system goes live on 24 April 2017, the eTransmittal system will no longer be used to create new proposals, however, previously created proposals will be able to be maintained. Salary Budget Builder will also no longer be used when the RA system goes live. The RA system will maintain salary information in the system and will be accessed through the budget area of the proposal development document.

Q. Will I have access to the information in eTransmittal once the system goes live? And for how long?
A. Yes, for a time. The timeline for phasing out eTransmittal is still being determined. 

Q. Will the new Research Administration System be used for Clinical Trials also?
A. Clinical trial proposals will be created and routed using the proposal development module in the Research Administration System to approve submissions on behalf of MSU, which currently happens with eTransmittal. While there is robust budget functionality in the new system, it is not specialized for building clinical trial budgets. Researchers will continue to build per patient budgets, but they will enter summary numbers into the system for reporting purposes.

On the post-award side, clinical trial awards will be entered into the award module, similar to what happens in KFS now with information pushed from the EDW to Account Explorer.  The award budget within the new system is not specialized to do clinical trial billing so that will continue to be done outside the system.

Q. I currently use the eTransmittal system, OSP/CGA website, and the data warehouse to gather information for reporting needs. How will I access reporting information when the RA system goes live?
A. All the research administration data will reside in the enterprise data warehouse (EDW). Individuals will also be able to access data through the dimensional models in Query Studio. Query Studio allows users to build customized reports for their specific reporting needs. Standard reports will access the most frequently used data.

Q. Are there any specific cut-off dates that I should be aware of?
A. On 24 April 2017, you will no longer be able to create new proposals in eTransmittal.


Q. What kind of educational options will be available?
A. Classroom (face-to-face, computer lab) and eLearning courses, along with supporting materials such as videos, job aids, and online user manuals.

Q. When will the education courses become available?
A. Instructor-led courses are being offered between January 31 and April 20. eLearning courses will become available in March 2017.

Q. Who will attend the courses?
A. Educational classes are role-based. Enrollment will be limited to individuals from OSP, BC, CGA and/or faculty and academic research administration staff who are currently responsible for the administration of research proposals/projects.

Q. How can I sign up for a class?
A. There will be registration for the classes through ESS in the EBS Portal.

Q. Do the educational courses count toward the eRA certification? If so, how?
A. Yes, the four-hour courses will count for one elective and the two-hour courses will count for half of an elective.