RA Project Communications

The following digest lists memos, handouts and other communications sent to various groups impacted by the Research Administration project implementation. Items are listed in reverse date order. If you need assistance finding a communication document, please contact Erika Nelson.

Go Live Flyer (February 2017). This flyer advertises go live, education courses, and the module video demonstration.

DDC memo (January 20, 2017). This memo announces the pilot deployment, educational opportunities, KC demonstrations, and go live in April 2017.

SPA memo (December 9, 2016). This memo provides information on model office and instructor-led courses for phase 1b. ORFD memo (December 20, 2016).

Research Newsletter (September 29, 2016). This research newsletter from Dr. Hsu includes an announcement about the Research Administration Project status to the faculty listserv. This announcement was also included in the Fall 2016 SPA listserv. 

DDC memo (August 8, 2016). This memo is a go-live communication to campus regarding the August 15 phase 1a implementation. In addition, a communication was sent to OSP, CGA, and BC staff. 

SPA memo (July 26, 2016). This memo promotes eLearning courses to the SPA listserv. 

ORFD memo (July 14, 2016). This memo informs members of the ORFD listserv that the initial phase of the Research Administration system will go live in August 2016 and about education opportunities.

SPA memo (June 27, 2016). This distribution informs members of the SPA listserv about available educational opportunities for the phase 1A implementation.

HR Source Newsletter (June/July 2016). This memo provides an overview of the phase 1A rollout and educational opportunities.

DDC memo (May 23, 2016). This correspondence was also forwarded to the SPA listserv on May 25, 2016. The memo reviews the phase 1A (view-only) rollout and educational opportunities.

Handout to RASIC and SPROUT meetings (May 2016). This handout provides an overview of the project rollout and upcoming educational opportunities with dates.

E-News memo (Spring update) to all faculty on 29 April 2016 from the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies included an update on the RA project.

Provost's memo to DDC (March 14, 2016) provides a general overview and timeline.