Research Administration Project


Michigan State University is implementing an enterprise-level research compliance system, Click, to manage its Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) activities. Click will facilitate the creation, submission, and review of new IRB and IACUC protocols, and new EHS registrations for researchers and reviewers.

Click Implementation Timeline:

  • December 2017 - IRB
  • May 2018 - IACUC
  • August 2018 - EHS (Radiation Safety, Institutional Biological Safety, and ORA's Institutional Stem Cell Research)

Live Zoom demonstrations are available for an overview of Click's IRB component.

Kuali Coeus (KC)

KC's proposal development and conflict of interest functionality went live in April 2017. ELearning courses, video demonstrations, and support materials are available to help learn the new system.

For continued updates on KC please visit SPA's Research Administration Project page.